alexander quinteros (Chile, 1985)

Composer and producer of musical and audiovisual expression. His work tries to generate an emotional environment through different musical aesthetics and cinematographic resources.


In July 2020 he released the album "2020" inspired by the events and emotions of the year. The album includes 12 instrumental pieces represented by the months of the year, composed and produced during the Panthemia.


In January 2020 he premieres "Abran la Puerta" (piece for marimba, trombone and double bass), performed by students of the Magister of Musical Interpretation of the University of Chile as an end-of-semester concert.


Previously, he has published compositions in collaboration with different musicians, producers, and artists, such as "Anxcity", "Music for three panpipes", "When the numbers are heard" (audiovisual piece for office supplies), "Progreso", among others.


His audiovisual work has been selected by international film festivals, such as: “When the numbers are heard”, awarded as BEST MUSIC VÍDEO IDEA at Indie for you International film festival, (US, 2020), “Progreso” awarded as BEST MUSICAL SHORT FILM at South Film And Arts Academy Festival (Chile, 2020), and Official Selection of the Madrid Film Awards (Spain, 2020).


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